July 1, 2013

Grad party / Sunday


We went to graduation party for my cousin Matt yesterday. We enjoyed spending the day with family and the beautiful weather we've been lucky to have (since the forecast has been calling for rain everyday).

Teaching my child how to share has been challenging recently, everything he has is his own and so he has a tough time understanding the concept of sharing toys and playing together. This of course leads to the bigger, more important question: do we want more children? Somedays (and these are only my opinions) I love having just him, I only have to argue with one teacup human (these twos are tough), we can do whatever we want, little to no compromising. Then again, I realize how tough it will be for him when he is older, having no built-in friends, and the burden of caring for his parents will be solely on him. I also really love babies and being pregnant was a picnic. And I do sort of still want a babygirl.



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