July 19, 2013

Paddle Boating

There were two things I wanted to try with Jules while we were in Chautauqua: rnt bikes and go on a paddle boat ride.  I knew we wouldn't get to do both, so while we explored the Institution on Wednesday we checked out our options. Chautauqua offers both bike rentals and paddle boat rentals, bikes can be rented hourly or daily, paddle boats by the half-hour.  Since we had done neither of these activities with J we decided to go for the less expensive option of paddle boating at only $5 per half hour. So perfect!

We went Thursday morning, our original plan was to go after lunch on Wednesday but J fell asleep in his stroller on the way there.  When we got there they were a little hesitant since the lake was a little choppy from a thunder storm the night before, however, since we were only going out in a paddle boat they thought we'd be ok.  Also we promised to stay close since we didn't know if Jules would even like the ride.  He hated wearing the life jacket, wouldn't even try it on.  We got him into it and once we were out there he seemed to like it ok.  That view though, worth every cent of that $5.

Ben rarely smiles in photos, love this one of him so much!

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  1. paddle boating, I've never tried it but it looks relaxing! Probably a lot easier to rent a paddle boat than bikes with a little one :)