July 3, 2013

Tuesday's Quest

Yesterday I was on a quest to find new sneakers.  I've been using the same sneakers for over a year and I've been hating them just about as long.  The thing with sneaks is that they are just so expensive, I could not see myself paying over $100 for them then a week later being like, "I hate these, I'll buy some new ones." No, I needed to go the great depression route and finally wear them out to convince myself that I really do need new ones.

So I got dressed, dropped off J at daycare and set out to find some new sneakers (mostly for running since I like to pretend I am a runner, I did complete a half-marathon last fall).  First I stopped at JC Penney to check out their new home store set up and to stop in the Sephora to see if they carry my favorite sunscreen line (they don't).  It's cute. Then I planned to go to a store that Ben bought me a gift certificate to for Christmas, only to find out that the store is permanently CLOSED. What a waste, here's a lesson learned: go out and battle the crowds the first week post-Christmas because the store might be closing. Then I went to another store and found some sneaks I liked, but they did not have my size. This was a serious test of my patience.  I wanted to throw in the towel and just give up and wear my stupid uncomfortable sneakers and search tomorrow. Then I was like, no, Sarah, you can do this, you need to find those sneakers today, finish this! So I went to the mall and found the ones I wanted in my size (and a half size bigger to try) and bought them. Success! What a relief!

Ben says my stories are mundane. He also said that my shirt was the worst twister board he'd ever seen. So who's right?

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