July 2, 2013

Monday Monday

Yesterday Julian went to daycare so I spent my day cleaning, rearranging some furniture and eating leftover chicken finger pizza.  He'll be in daycare two days a week over the summer so he can still play with his friends and so I can still get some things done around here, like finally get around to decorating our apartment the way I want it (we've only been living here 11 months...).

Since I've had all of this free time  I've been spending a bunch of it on Craigslist because I'm really aching for a new dining room table I hate ours with a passion, the top is wood mdf with plastic veneer then a wood looking sticker-veneer thing, it's weird I'm serious. Ben hates when I get on craigslist because I always make him go with me to look at these things that are usually unnecessary for us to buy, like when I bought a jogging stroller from Chris Lee (that's a story for another time).

Through twitter I found the funniest post about a craiglist fiasco, and it reminds me so much of my life and craigslist journeys. Read it here.

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